Review: Thomas Ian Nicholas: Without Warning

Apparently, Thomas takes a very different approach in this album. While Heroes are Humans was a bit more mild and softer (almost pop-oriented), This album has a much harder edge to it, albeit very structured. The lyricism in this songs are exemplary; the slice-of-life approach, similar to the H.A.H album. The gift of soft yet authoritative vocals is also an admirable feat, particularly on a hard rock melody. This album is soothing; a breath of fresh air, especially for one force fed the crappy music of today. So far, “SOMETHING TO BE SAID” is the most moving track, with the strongest lyrical structure of the album. Tracks like “Frequency” are a truly good blend of acoustic/electric. One of the best opening riffs I’ve heard. Nicholas’ ability to sync with the guitar riffs (vocally) is as flawless as Page and Plant. If you have to describe this album with one word, then I’d probably say the music was legendary, and I’d tell Coldplay to step aside…

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