30 Dirty Thoughts: Hard Times

Here’s the Line-up:

Ian Kelk – Vocals, Keyboard
Masa!! Iga – Guitars
Carl Buena – Bass
Jeff Galland – Drums

After hearing this band for myself, I must say, they are unique. At first (being honest) I thought; Is this a joke band like Tenacious D or Red Hot Chili Peppers (the latter a common perception at first)? But then I decided to conclude that this band is rather unique. I’d probably be high brow if this was the eighties…
The use of Kelk’s keyboards is interesting, giving the band a bit more of an upbeat sound. However, I did enjoy Buena’s performance on bass, and a do admire Gallards drum playing.
Still, Kelk sings like he’s fronting a Disney-band; sort of like talk singing. It really makes the band sound more comedy oriented or child friendly. I’m not sure if this is HOW they want to sound, but it really does sound very Disney like to be honest. IT does sound like Kelk is talking more than singing.
Anyway, for the first time, I’m not passing judgements. Still, if this is the sound they’ve picked, then some might like it, some might not. I’m not sure…

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