Tony Harnell

Today is the birthday of my number one singer, Tony Harnell. Today, September 15, he turns 50, but like Dio, he sings like he’s only in his early twenties, with no signs of digression. Not even cancer can claim this unknown legend like it claimed Dio.

Exactly ten years ago, I was playing Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast when I first heard Tony sing. I’m 18 now, and I’ve had the privilege of hearing all the TNT albums with Tony on lead vocals, as well as the Starbreaker and Mercury Train albums. Seriously, if you’ve heard his best, you’d never remember your favorite singer again (another reason why I don’t mention Johnny Gioeli much). The only singers better than this legend are Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Dio, Michael Jackson, Rob Halford, and MAYBE Bon Scott (Don’t hate). His songwriting is just as brilliant, making TNT one of the most lyrically gifted bands of the hair metal era. If you’ve heard him for yourself, then you’d understand. He and Ronni are also a true rock duo, just like Lennon/McCartney in terms of musicianship… something Mills can NEVER be.

The only thing I’d love to ask Tony is why he’s so unknown to the world. A large percent of his fans from the younger generation (like me), discovered him through Sonic games, while the rest are probably TNT fans respective;y (or just dedicated fans of Hair Metal). Having a voice like that and such a small fan base is disgusting, and shows how stupid the music industry is. We live in a world where, in music, Image is more important that talent, and conforming to “The new trend” is the only way to make it to the top of the charts. That’s why so many Beliebers, Directioners, Monsters, and overall idiotic Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj fans exist; who have no real idea what good music sounds like because they just hop the bandwagon. Most of these singers can’t sing without special effects, they don’t write their own lyrics (or like Lil Wayne they steal them), and sell out to the newest trend just to keep their sales high (just like KoRn and Linkin Park). In short, Tony has gifts that many of today’s MAINSTREAM acts completely lack., and yet he doesn’t make half of their sales quota. What’s the world coming to?
And of course, being an eighties musician, we can also thank that semi-talented, delusional, blond haired, stomach cramping and ultimately suicidal freak from Aberdeen (Crap Cobain) for paving the way for less experience (or completely mediocre idiots) to rules the industry with endless trash by writing songs that make no sense with novice guitar playing… *rest in pieces*

Anyways, Tony is still the author of amazing MUSIC, and he’s so great that his music deserves to be multi-platinum, and a spot at Rock AM, Rock in Rio, Budokan, and world tours more expensive than the Illusion Tour of GNR. Diamond (awards) should be decorating his wall, and his music should be used for movie soundtracks like the next legend. Really, he’s that amazing, but don’t take my word for it:

Go look up TNT and the Round Trip album for yourself, and see for yourself.

I really wanna wish Tony Harnell a happy birthday and total success at his Bash… For over thirty years, he’s given the world great music to listen to without changing to suck the tit of the industry, and didn’t need to stop at a rehab center (or jail) in the process. Who knows? Maybe Ronni will see what he’s missing (A Farewell to Arms and Atlantis are crappy albums).


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