For The Perilous: Contingency

Okay… Another Death Metal band. Is this my day or what?
Dear Simpletons, that was a joke.

So I’ve given this band a listen (their album Contingency), and so far, I will say this: Mike Mavretic and Tyler Krum both seem to have a very strong melodic approach to their playing style: something unusual in Death Metal. The drummer is a real Scott Travis. If Harley Johnson released a solo drumming album (from what I heard), I think I would actually enjoy it a lot. Run Away is like “Moby Dick” (Led Zeppelin) for Johnson. And of course, naturally, it’s gonna be really difficult to say anything about good ol’ Seth Shindel. If I were him, I’d step down. Why? Because in Death Metal bands, you can’t ever hear the bassist. There’s really no point in having one in that case. No offense to the band. Some Death Metal bands would actually do better off without bassists.

Now, about Terry Zehring. He sounds like Johnny Santos, Corey Taylor, Chuck Schuldiner, John Gallagher, Dave Williams, and God knows who else rolled into one. I don’t think I’ll ever know how Death MEtal musicians do it (the snarling voice), but I must confess, at least he has versatility. At least he can pull off a good melodic chorus sounding “normal”. Personally, he actually sounds BETTER that way, but that’s not my say I guess.

Overall, this album is perfect for any death metal lover. Frankly, with full honesty, I’m not one of them. HOWEVER, all bias aside, I think they stayed true to the elements of the genre:

A Crap Load of luck to this band in the future…

Buy here:

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