Anokato: Dezombification

Here’s the Lineup:

Benjamin Fischer – (Vocals & Guitar)
Titusz Pan – (Vocals & Guitar)
Thilo Hille – (Bass)
Nico Steffen – (Drums)

This is interesting. Fischer sings like a German Bruce Dickinson…sort of.

The EP is interesting enough. The band seems very fascinated with zombies (hopefully they’re not necrophiliacs). Fischer does have a hypnotizing voice for sure, but in the song “Quick Sand”, he sounds like Elephant Man.
Pan’s guitar riffs over each song are interesting enough. They range from interesting riffs to a psychedelic sounding rhythm. Interesting enough for me. Steffen is a brilliant drummer, with very patterned styles in each song, but not pop-structured. Hille has a unique bass sound with an effect I’m not familiar with… it makes the band sound very industrial.

I like this band… their different on Purpose. check out their YouTube Videos:

Still, while I enjoy their songs, the Zombie thing can get stale very fast, but these guys sound like they can hold their own with some interesting material. And that’s what I’m really looking forward to in the future.

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