Amerakin Overdose – Eponymous Album




Okay? Here’s the Line-up:

Cody – Vocals
Andrew – Backing Vocals
Freeman – Guitar
Brick – Drums
The Human – Keys/Sequencing
? – Bass
Enygma – Hype and Shenanigans



I’ll just ignore the eccentric names and get straight to the album…

Just from what I’m hearing, these guys sound as if they’ve fused heavy metal with electronic melodies, almost like industrial music. The lyricism of Cody is very unstructured (not that it has to be), and it sounds like it’s resting uneasily on the radically thin line of screamo and rap. I’m not sure what genre this lands in, but at least that gives it some uniqueness. He and Andrew are in perfect sync, almost like the Nevermind album.
The guitars by Freeman were very interesting to accent the features in this music, but ? (if that’s the actual name or an uncredited musician) is practically drowned out by the Sequencing of… the human? Are these actual stage names? If so that’s really confusing and incapacitating.

What the hell is Enygma doing? I’ll just ignore his existence then.

I’m full of more confusion than anything listening to these musicians, but the overall sound still holds with uniqueness. I’m just not sure if that’s gonna be the same mentality of the general public, considering the lack of actual lyrical structure.

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