I Heard Wonderfool…

Originally, I was on YouTube trying to see what became of Tracii Guns, and instead, I stumbled across some footage of him playing at his regular club circuit. Instead of Jizzy Pearl on Lead, I see this ugly girl with Dread locks and Pink Hair with more tattoos than Brian Welch. Her name is Dilana Smith/Robichaux, and I was a bit impressed that she could sound like a female Jizzy. Still, that stick only lasted for about two months, and she’s apparently pissed at Tracii for some reason.

















Ugly, Yes?

So Anyways, I decided to give her work a bit of a listen, starting with the album Wonderfool. A few years late to be reviewing it, but I must say: that wasn’t expected at all.













From what I did hear, her songwriting (assuming she wrote these), was very down-to-earth. I guess someone could see the realism in tracks like “I Kissed A Butterfly” but songs like “To All Planets” went over my head in terms of structure. The track “Great Escape” was in total compromise to every other track on the album, which is basically reflecting this crazy girl trying to be too fast for love like Motley Crue (but even Gun N’ Roses have a cheesy ballad on the raunchiest album of the 80’s).
So far, I like Dilana (as long as I don’t have to look at her). The bad girl thing is overplayed, but at least she can make a well rounded equation with her songwriting and musicianship. I might actually listen to Inside Out. She has some album (I hear) called Dilana and the crazy troll who lived under the bridge… Is that self-imagery?

Whatever. Great album.

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