Texas Hippie Coalition – Peacemaker

Here’s the Line-up:

Big Dad Ritch – Vocals

John Exall – Bass Guitar

Wes Wallace – Guitar

Timmy Braun – Drums







I saw the title of these guys, and I was thinking, “Oh great, a Psychedelic band”. Of course, the “hippie” part is what through me off. But then I heard one of their newer singles: “Turn It Up“, and I thought Pantera came back! One thing I’ve learned permanently is that Texas knows how to rock, especially after hearing Pantera and Drowning Pool (other good bands).





So I’ve heard the album Peacemaker, but they sound more like “Hell Raisers”. The music has been described as New Age Metal, but these really know how to rock. Their approach to the music is unorthodox, and they seem to have taken Red Dirt Metal to a WHOLE new level. Bug Dad Ritch is insane with the vocals; he has no speed limits in songs like “Damn You to Hell”, and has versatility with his vocals that grab you whether high or low range like on the track “Wicked”. “Turn It Up” deserves to be a club anthem: it’s narrative style makes it surprisingly unique and addictive. I’m sure many girls will take their clothes off to it. Wallace is a ten out of ten with his lead: you can tell Zakk Wylde to move the hell over. Exall and Braun have a powerful rhythm section: A Rex Paul and Vinnie Brown type duo. Tracks “Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll”, “Don’t Come Lookin'”, and “Hands Up” make you feel like a criminal or a real cowboy, but album itself stands apart. It separates the posers from the guys who really know their stuff. A Jonas Brothers fan would run from this! Who knows, they might even call the sheriff on this one.

I give this a straight up five for it’s sheer genius:

Buy on Itunes:

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