Thoughts on Forest Floors…

I’ve heard their latest single: Pinches and Bites:

And their other videos:

So after formulating my thoughts, I came to a conclusion…

It feels like Oasis came back with a better singer. I love the sound of these guys. The band positions aren’t verified, but I enjoy the sound. These guys sound very technical to their approach in music, and their skill is commendable for their age. Guitar wise, they sound like a British U2, but they have a strong delivery, and very knowledgeable in melodic riffs.
Still, just from watching their videos, it’s obvious to see that they’re really into Pro Tools. The reverb effect is clear in the singers voice and on their lead guitar. It would be wise for them to ease up on the effects to keep their sound as generic as possible. However, it’s clear that they have talent without it, and it complements (and augments) their sound unlike the effects of auto tune.

The One Direction look makes them come across as being very Disney or Junior Pop, so they’d be better off if they lost the hair…

I love this band, and I would recommend this to anyone (which I’m technically doing by writing this). And of course, Their single “Pinches and Bites” is a true step up from what could be considered “early Work”…

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