Evil Twin Sister


Here’s the line-up:

Adam- Vocals, Bass
M of The P- Rhythm Guitar, Back up Vocals


So far, from what I’m hearing, Sergio has a very interesting guitar approach, especially in Medicine Hands. I really enjoyed Rey’s drumming a lot. But so far, they sound like Rap Rock, but not to the point of being nu metal like Linkin Park. It’s almost like Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Beastie Boys. Adam has one hell of an eccentric voice, like a frantic Eminem. That was highly unexpected. Still, I do appreciate the uniqueness this band offers, but with fronting vocals like those… they’ll probably blow up overnight (and that’s NOT a compliment). If Adam would sound a bit more dignified (his voice almost screeches at some points within the songs), then maybe they’d sound more appealing to listen to. I mean really, it sounds like they’re clowning, which isn’t what you want any listener (or scout) to think.

Yet so far, I little objections…

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