I Am I: Event Horizon

So, after several years with DragonForce, ZP has left and started up with a new band called “I Am I”. So now their debut album “Event Horizon” is out, and being such a huge fan of ZP, I’ve decided to write a review.
Of course, the hard part is not comparing this piece of work with DragonForce’s sound or playing style. In fact, I’ll do my best to not even mention them. Still, many fans are probably looking at ZP the same way they probably looked at Vince Neil when he left Motley Crue… or maybe Brian Had Welch wen he left KoRn, since he shows no signs of coming back. But I’ve heard all the tracks and I must say; it’s a formidable masterpiece, kind of like Steve Perry’s Street Talk when compared to Journey.

Here’s The Line-Up:
ZP Theart – Vocals
Jacob Ziemba – Guitar
Neil Salmon – Bass
Phil Martini – Drums
Jake Thorsen – Guitar

Hearing this albun is an interesting experience. You’ll almost forget that ZP switched bands until you realize that the guitar riffs are slower. A majority of the tracks like “In The Air Tonight” (Not a Phil Colins cover) seem to have familiar lyrical approaches, but the absence of Li and Totman make them sound like Axel Rudi Pell songs. “Stay A While” and “Chill In The Air” are almost on the verge of romantic lyrics. “King in Ruins” (comprised of a beautiful guitar-piano unison), being the only tender ballad on the album, a true change of direction for one like ZP.
Jacob Ziemba and Jake Thorsen share dual guitar duties – and I’m going to break my vow of comparison – they were very much in sync. Some riffs that Li and Totman did were very messy, not in unison at all until the arrival of Hudson. These two on the other hand (Ziemba and Thorsen) seem to have a very melodic approach that would make Frontiers Records put dibs on them for a life long contract. Phil Martini is a master drummer, and the most steady member of the group, and most versatile it seems. He’s really the only moderately speed-oriented player of the band, and only on specific tracks. As for Neil Salmon (bass); the principle of being drowned out remains the same. His playing is almost to ensure that the band doesn’t sound flat, but fails to really stand out other than “king In Ruins”.

Overall, I would call this album a real “Blizzard of Ozz” (even though Ozzy was technically fired from his previous band). You think the singer is totally screwed and than… it’s like instant death from above with pure awesomeness. Like “Street Talk” vs. Journey’s Frontiers. I loved hearing it, and it showed that ZP never lost his fire. I recommend this to anyone who craves good music. Hopefully, unlike “Street Talk”, it will be followed up with EVEN more success and a solid line-up.

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