Revive And Revolt

Here’s the lineup:

Erica – Lead Vocals
Cap – Rap Artist
Bryan – Drummer
Anthony – Lead Guitar
Aaron – Rhythm Guitar
Tiny – Bass

*Looks Like a Hush Pass promotion photo*

Okay, so basically these guys call themselves a “Rock Hop” group. Never heard of Rock Hop; I think they mean Rap Rock, but they can be original if they want. First and foremost, I hate hip hop. Hip Hop to me is the scum of all music. The only hip hop act I can tolerate is Rage Against The Machine, since Tom Morello is incredibly talented and they actually stand for something as a band. So, having heard these guys, I must say:

I still hate hip hop. Nonetheless, I’ll expunge my biases and try to analyze their music.

The heavy metal riffs were intriguing, but the recording was rather low. Erica is a good singer, but most of the songs sound like she’s talking when she’s supposed to be singing, particularly Relentless Will. Seriously, the chorus of that song was more annoying than Soulja Boy.

Cap? What kind of name is Cap? Rappers and their stage names… No wonder they always get pulled over. Polygamy was a bit better, but Jesus Christ… Cap has poser written all over him with the synthetic “rapper” accent. The lyrics (auditory-wise) was confusing and near senseless (at least from a first listen).

“The Anthem” and “Runnin'” are just sad. Hey Cap, good job sounding dangerous… EEK! Seriously… this sounds like the typical rapper. I young black man trying to sound as thuggish and brilliantly (a.k.a redundantly) ignorant as possible, reinforcing the same stupid stereotypes that cause blacks to be heavily stigmatized. Great job Cap! You’ve given racists more fuel than NASCAR to encourage profiling. I love the lyrical genius Embracing stereotypes of a bad-boy image… YAY!

I guess this is just another band of hip hop posers in front of the mic like the bad guy in 8 Mile, complete with a Jane Fonda wannabe with terminal jungle fever:

How sad. How is this any different from ANY rapper? Seriously? I’d love to know. “Revive and Revolt”? Ignorant lyrics is gonna bring about change? My my… this is quintessential to the point that it leaks. With thousands of rappers sounding like this, I’m sure they’ll go VERY far… Not even an intricate guitar solo.

Their best song is “Only Time”, but Erica’s parts sound more dedicated. Aron and Anthony are amazing guitar players, with strong versatility. Tiny and Brian form a strong rhythm section, but listening to these songs, I’ve decided that these songs were probably badly mixed. I mean, even if they aren’t instrument oriented, Tiny is barely audible in some tracks or sections of the songs.

Overall, if they do get critique, I’m sure it’s only a waste of time in the long wrong to even bother. Rappers are stereotypically egotistical to the point that they actually think they are the epitome of lyrical and musical potential, generating the ultimate defense that critiques are simply “HATERS”. In other words, “I’m too good to take correction.” So in the end, it’s not them I’m sorry for. I’m not sorry for the two brilliant guitarists or the amazing rhythm section. I’m not sorry for the singer, or even the rapper. I’m sorry for myself: I actually listened to this…

Sorry… I told you I hate hip-hop…

Good luck in the future. My advice is to loose the rapper and the typical stale imagery rappers represent. Oh well.

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