Here’s the lineup:

David Roberts – Vocals,
Emilio Basaldua – Lead Guitar,
Chris Greene – Guitar/Vocals,
Alan Kirk – Bass
Shane Reynolds – Drums

Since they don’t have that many available songs, I will say this:

For an up and coming band, these guys have a generic, powerful sound. It’s very admirable to listen to guys with such an incredible sound. Roberts is an amazing singer: at first he had that Iron Maiden type sound (something I’ve said all too often)… Yet his vocal range is both high and solid… a real ear opener.
I do enjoy the riff work of Basaldua and Greene. The rhythm is both strong; Kirk sounds like Cliff Burton on the Ride The lightning album. As for Reynolds; he’s in his own class…

Look what the Ravencroft dragged in:

For music that’s officially, studio work, it has an amazing sound to it that really deserves commendation for a band on the club circuit. The songwriting is very structured to compliment the technical sound to their music. I did however, enjoy listening to it; all the music so far. It’s worth buying for those who enjoy power ballads, and proves the point I made in my review of Texas Hippie Coalition. Want good rock music, then take your ass to Texas. They’re so amazing with their raw sound; it’s like they missed the New Wave by twenty years and came strong. Plus, there’s no sign in their music that shows them conforming to more modern, accepted styles and approaches, another reason I find them commendable.

I hope I love them when they get signed.

As for the music that I just heard, albeit four tracks:

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