Albums of the Week… In my opinion

I’ve done a bit more reviewing these days, and so far, these are the best albums I’ve seen so far:











The ultimate fusion of electronic music and heavy metal… but too badass to be industrial. I loved every track, and there’s something for all to enjoy.











A true rock and roll experience, and a wake up call that music isn’t dead. One of the best bands that I’ve seen and heard in a VERY long time… It’s a shame that these guys aren’t multi platinum.












The songs say it all: “COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, Turn it up! COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, COME ON, Turn it up! COME ON! Let’s turn it up louder! IT’s the best album since Cowboys from hell!













The best comeback album I’ve heard in years! A legendary album for a legendary singer. Amazing voice, amazing melody, amazing music!


Psyguy: Super Psyguy Bros…













This is the third installment (chronologically) of Bryon “Psyguy” Beaubien, the Texas-based web host of Fireball20xl and Whachow.

Hearing this album, It’s a real A-Grade masterwork. Beaubien actually went and and remixed the sound of classic tunes from Super NES/Sega Genesis games and put his own spin on them with an overdose of electronic music perfect for dance scenes. The incorporation of actual in-game sound effects is also an brilliant touch on this already-incredible work. I recommend this to die hard gamers… It’s addictive, yet softer than his previous works. Still, it’s great to see someone put such a touch on immortalized music.

Psyguy: Psycho Classics…

This work was apparently done by Texas-based Bryon Beaubien, host of Fireball20xl and the podcast Whachow.












Hearing this album in order: It’s like a Diary of A Madman to Blizzard of Ozz. Makes me regret that I didn’t review this sooner.

The opening track does it’s job as an attention grabber. Enjoyed the Tinkerman sound and eastern blend of Black Sands; amazing to pull this off with a strong sound albeit an electronic beat. This album is a compromise, moving more towards an electronic sound with some slight inputs of natural sound effects (i.e, EN), and some strand of synth here and there. For someone who’s a fan of this style of music, I heavily recommend this. Despite this, Beaubien has shown once again that his abilities in the studio are limitless, evident by the longer track listing. None of the songs are a repeat of the first or a cliff hanger of the next. There’s originality stapled on every track. The strongest on this tracklist are “Hyperion” for it’s fusion of several styles without sounding too messy and still appealing to the widest range of music lovers. The eerieness of “I am invincible” with the talent spill of the longest track “The Eye”; a 5 minute Eruption…
The name practically says it all. These songs truly are classics within this genre. I’m more of a fan of natural made music, but I give credit where credit is duw.