The Chase: Slings & Arrows

Here’s The Line-up:

Michael Turvey – Guitar, Vocals
Harry Street – Rhythm Guitar
Luke Jerome – Bass
Ralph Humby – Drums
Ben Riley – Saxophone, Backing Vocals, Keyboards




Now regarding Slings and Arrows:












The single “You”:

This album sounds amazing from start to finish. This album is one of the catchiest melodies I think I’ve heard in a long time. It almost sounded like Oasis and The Beatles did some kind of crossover. Turvey has a softer voice in comparison with the bands I’ve heard before, but his voice is still just as sharp as his melodic ear as lead guitarist. Street is a perfect duel composition, but to be honest, his performance is overshadowed (audio-wise) by the craftsmanship of the bands V.I.P Ben Riley. If his arsenal of playing instruments is accurate, then he’s a regular Jon Paul Jones… I really like how he slapped some tracks with his signature piano scores… his backing vocals are also in perfect sync with Turvey, sounding almost like a flawless voice over. Jerome’s bass playing falls into the low range in this album, but I still like his Steve Harris type approach. He manages to truly stand out as a player and not simply “sustain the rhythm” like common bassists. Humby is the REAL rhythm holder; one could use this album as a drumming course. Touchpaper is the strongest song in terms of drumming aptitude in my opinion.

The band sites a selection of English bands as their influence, and so far, I’ve can hear where they were able to grab the positive elements of each and personalize it into their own unique delivery. Even softer ballads like Home & Tea are beautiful tranquilizing pieces that prove that these guys aren’t one-trick (or one-style) ponies.
They like English bands; The songwriting is on the level of the Stones. The rhyming patterns and melodic structure stayed on relative course with an expressive wittiness. This album was more brilliant than it was talented, but more talented than today’s modern chart toppers by a long shot. I’m really anxious to hear more work from these young men and wish them all the best in the near future.

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Heart Impaled: Review on 14 Track LP…

Why aren’t these guys multi-platinum? They should move to Japan. The industry’s faster there…

About a month ago, I was blown away by a track listing for the January Complex. Literally- I was blown away! I fell off my chair headbanging. That master work was more electronic oriented, fused with Industrial workmanship and heavy metal riffs. But if you get me hooked on one album, I better OD on the next. Now, I think I’ll write this review in a trauma-unit, so I can resuscitate dead people with this EPIC GOD-MODE music!

Hearing this, I thought the opening sentence above. This is truly a work of art. The ultimate blend of electronic music and the ultimate hardcore metal styles. It’s like when Bruce Lee married different fighting styles in the seventies, but with music! It’s as if two polar styles can coexist with the merging of music and technology!

The vocals sound like a cross of Jeff Becerra, Spider One, Jonathan Davis and Mustaine all in one! It’s truly amazing that someone could carry this on through a long play. The drumming style is never the same on any track, lending methods of power and speed drumming. The lyrics sound like a crossover of Doom and Trash and Death; a polygamous intertwine. The track Avil sounds like the voice of American Hardcore Chris Van Dahl. I swear to God, I could assault this album with the pro sound they’ve achieved. The guitars are just as brilliant; like Judas Priest meets Spineshank. The solo work of the fourth and fifth track (Pinions and Locust) are mesmerizing for the average metal head, igniting a racing pulse (no wonder they call it heart impaled).
Here’s what’s interesting; the music is so heavy and guitar/electro oriented, and yet you hear the bassist clearly. Through track 4 to 7, he sounds like a ravaging Steve Harris, and then John Entwistle all the way through. I love the keyboard work on Mantichords (The Awakening)… That was unexpected but proved that these guys don’t just shred like maniacs (not that they’re anything wrong with that).

This album is going straight to my listening devices!!! I’d pay for three houses worth to have this!

However, being as unbiased as a jury member, I can’t give this a full five. The output is incredible, but electronic fusion must always be confronted with the winning question: Can it sound good live. It’s sounds contrary, but hey; we learned our lesson with DragonForce, and EVERY modern pop star from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry. If I can see clear quality live footage, then they’ll be top quality for sure!

This is still amazing work! Well polished! Very intriguing, and satiable for people of every walk of musical taste! Poetic! Complex!

Thoughts on RYLE …

Listen to this:

Now, based on what I heard, I’ll just be frank; this isn’t the music I’m really into. However, he seems like he has a lot of versatility in his remixes (unlike some musicians), not relying on a signle sound, although I guess his material would be much better if it was more of his own work and not simply remixes. But fortunately, He seems to have enough control over his work to be able such a feat.

Personally, since Electronic music and dubstep are the new rave (which changes every decade), I’m not going to drop my bias on the musical genre. But who knows, if that’s what people want… better than my bands who are considered old news.

Update: Upcoming Film Script…

Here’s the part where I betray myself.

I’ve officially given up on my dream of starting a band. There’s no place for a keyboardist in most bands, and unfortunately I have no band members to even form a band with. Anyway, I have taken up the idea of writing a screen play, something I haven’t done since school ended last year. But here I am, after being so inspired by the idea to write a film script after seeing The Dark Knight Rises, and here I am with an even better, more original idea.

I’ve been writing reviews on albums, songs, singles, and underrated rock musicians just to keep myself busy. I wrote a recent one on Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Brides of Destruction, League of Gentlemen), and it gave me an idea…

I’m going to be writing a film script (a FICTIONAL ONE) depicting the 80’s Hollywood scene with all those crazy rock bands thriving until the Grunge movement. I tried a similar script a long time ago, but it failed miserably. So I’m going to try ONE MORE TIME. IF it fails, I’m going to bury the idea of film scripts forever.

This idea was heavily inspired by Tracii Guns, my long time number TWO favorite guitarist of all time (second only to Ronni Le Tekrø or maybe Jeff Labar). Anyways, Tracii Guns ruled the LA scene, so I’ve finally decided to make something worthwhile… in about 300+ pages (sorry, I can’t stand short films. If it’s shorter than Godfather, I have a problem.)

But this idea is STRICTLY FICTIONAL, so don’t jump on me for inaccuracy. It was inspired by real events, NOT based on them. I wanted to focus on bands like Mötley Crüe, Tesla, Warrant, L.A. Guns, and *cough*… Guns N’ Roses (If only there was another way). Oh well, price you pay. Anyway, I’m realy just doing this because I love Tracii Guns that much, and I have nothing better to do.

So yeah, we’ll see how this crap works, and if it doesn’t… I said it already.